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FARPG posts 1-99

     file name           size    title

01.txt 4 Kb The Scar 02.txt 5 Kb Shinji's Prologue 03.txt 6 Kb post 1 04.txt 2 Kb wataru: prepost/bio 05.txt 6 Kb Bubbles intro 06.txt 2 Kb Intro to Clip, NPC 07.txt 4 Kb Wisp's Prolouge 08.txt 4 Kb Estela's Prologue 09.txt 26 Kb Our Pre=Post 10.txt 4 Kb Stana -Kansas tornado 11.txt 4 Kb A midsummer night's dream 12.txt 2 Kb Meal Time 13.txt 2 Kb Awakenings 14.txt 3 Kb more 15.txt 4 Kb Beyond the yellow brick road 16.txt 9 Kb Finn's intro, revised and expanded 17.txt 2 Kb Renting a Room 18.txt 8 Kb Even Cowgirls get the...? 19.txt 5 Kb Shinji's story 20.txt 11 Kb across the mountains 21.txt 7 Kb Meeting Clip 22.txt 3 Kb Wataru 23.txt 5 Kb Old Memories and New Friends 24.txt 4 Kb a little mishap 25.txt 3 Kb In Search Of... 26.txt 2 Kb Part Two 27.txt 5 Kb Explanations 28.txt 3 Kb FARPG 29.txt 3 Kb Time to get out of Dodge. 30.txt 2 Kb What has Bubbles been doing? 31.txt 1 Kb Wataru's notes 32.txt 3 Kb The Aftermath. 33.txt 951 bytes Up and at 'em 34.txt 4 Kb Good Guy's Honor. I'm a good guy-- really, I am. 35.txt 2 Kb Wataru's next move; after Paul 36.txt 5 Kb who's in my room?! 37.txt 4 Kb Wataru joins? 38.txt 2 Kb Iya makes an entrance... 39.txt 5 Kb attack! 40.txt 4 Kb Alone in the Dark and ... 41.txt 18 Kb Misadventures in Hicho 42.txt 3 Kb So what happened to Finn, anyway? 43.txt 8 Kb dreamscapes and gossip 44.txt 8 Kb on the road again.... 45.txt 4 Kb and now, the continuing saga of... 46.txt 11 Kb Market Madness 47.txt 1 Kb At long long last...a post for Bubbles! (post #2.5) 48.txt 6 Kb devil's kiss 49.txt 6 Kb Alone in the dark 50.txt 5 Kb a clouding of vision 51.txt 6 Kb clearing things up 52.txt 1 Kb Time Alone 53.txt 6 Kb AOLi 54.txt 14 Kb KHA-FEE 55.txt 11 Kb into the woods 56.txt 1 Kb Shortest post in RPG history 57.txt 3 Kb Escape! 58.txt 5 Kb [no title] 59.txt 12 Kb Re: Proofing 60.txt 15 Kb loose ends and lost friends 61.txt 8 Kb care for a dip? 62.txt 5 Kb The Magic Box 63.txt 2 Kb A time alone 64.txt 1 Kb on Ice 65.txt 1 Kb A Time Alone (Flames) [Part two] 66.txt 7 Kb Morning breaks 67.txt 15 Kb You wanted a fight? 68.txt 3 Kb Paul's Pause. 69.txt 5 Kb Don't have a heart attack, but... 70.txt 1 Kb Some Post Written by Some Guy 71.txt 5 Kb Link's, er, Finn's awakening 72.txt 14 Kb Aftermath 73.txt 6 Kb Do what you have to do.... 74.txt 1 Kb Away from Kaika 75.txt 1 Kb far away... 76.txt 7 Kb do you like your meat rare or well done? 77.txt 8 Kb Whose woods these are I think I know... 78.txt 9 Kb Soldiers, MOVE OUT! 79.txt 1 Kb Onward and upward 80.txt 6 Kb red light, green light 81.txt 4 Kb Aaaaaaaand they're off! 82.txt 2 Kb Money makes the world go 'round... 83.txt 3 Kb Paul in the army?!? 84.txt 5 Kb yet another post ^_^ 85.txt 8 Kb Global Issues 86.txt 2 Kb Secret Agent Man!!! 87.txt 5 Kb Campfire 88.txt 5 Kb Right as Rain 89.txt 3 Kb 6th Army: Rumors 90.txt 5 Kb Interim 91.txt 7 Kb Monster Mash (waht a horrid title...) 92.txt 5 Kb The night is young and so am I 93.txt 5 Kb A cry in the night... 94.txt 8 Kb Drake's Story 95.txt 8 Kb A Devil Walks Among Us 96.txt 3 Kb Good morning, Sunshine 97.txt 8 Kb The post that took forever 98.txt 2 Kb Sushi, anyone? 99.txt 2 Kb Shard