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About the Narrator...

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oki, let me introduce myself...

Well, my full name is Allen Uynicky (yes, the name is kinda weird but read my last name as is, uy-ni-cky). I am fifteen years old, going to be sixteen on March 4, 1999. I like computer games, specifically strategy games like Starcraft or Red alert and role playing games like the monkey island trilogy. I also like writing, drawing (or maybe doodling is more appropriate) MTV, and music. Any kind of music as long as it's not heavy metal or any of those teeny bopper stuff like Hanson, Gil, or Moffats just to name a few. I make my own homepage but i'm still working on a nice one (which means i'm not telling you my current homepage's address). I like traveling to different places but unfortunately I've only been to two other countries.

I enjoy table tennis. Any other sport, well, I suck. I guess I can say my computer is my best friend (but that doesn't mean that I don't have any other friends!). What else, can I say? Well, I guess that's it.

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