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You know you're a Megalomaniac when...

This list was mainly written by Paul and Spiffy, although I think Teri gave me one of them, as well.

-You find yourself laughing along with the villain in a TV show, movie, etc.

-You see taking over the world as "thinking small"

-Your hobby is taking over small European countries

-You own more than 3 edged weapons and know how to use them

-You blew up the building where your Megalomaniacs Anonymous club met.

-You cried when the Death Star blew up

-You saw the Death Star's destruction as a perfect opportunity for you to step in and take over

-Your evil laugh is copyrighted

-You analyze and learn from the mistakes of those who came before you (i.e.: Napoleon attacking Russia, Hitler attacking Russia, messing w/ a Sicilian when death is on the line, etc.)

-When showing your friends pics of your "latest conquests," instead of pictures of members of the opposite gender, you have pictures of capitol buildings

-You own a POWER Macintosh, just because of the name

-You try to take over the world every night along with the help of an idiotic sidekick who enjoys using the word "NARF!"

-You've memorized every line said by the Emperor from Star Wars

-You've ever used the phrase, "I can use my powers for good, anytime ... no, really, I can."

-While watching Star Trek: TNG, you've ever said, "Yeah, I could take Q."

-You give Australia as a birthday gift to your childhood friend.

-You own stock in more than one munitions co.

-You consider the "Dragon Slave" as a WEAK spell.

-You were rooting for the ID4 aliens.

-You saw Vlad the Impaler as "Too easy-going."

-The demons of darkness summon YOU.

-You've ever ended the psalm "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil..." with "'Cause it's MY valley!"

-You rewrite Shakespeare's plays so that the antagonists WIN.

-You can cause small woodland creatures to explode by concentrating.

This page is © by Aaron "Spiffy" Smith