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5 or 6




About 3 feet tall


20 lb.


She appears to be a normal 5 or 6 year old girl yet she is unusually bright, she has incredibly pale blue hair which looks almost white, and her eyes are silver. She wears some extravagant colorful ceremonial dress-type clothing that have obviously been paled by too much sunlight and a pale yellow pendent that has runes surrounding it.


She is bright, cheerful and friendly, but is very shy when meeting people for the first time. When she meets someone for the first time she is really shy around them and will hide behind someone she's familiar with. Usually when walking around she'll want to hold onto someone's hand or pant-leg as any child would do. If she sees something really cute such as a doll she'll go over and play with it even if it's not hers, and if she finds a cute animal she'll play with it, unless it's got an evil heart then she'll just avoid it.


She obviously isn't good at physical attacks, but she has special powers that make up for it. She can read people's hearts and tell weither they're basically good or evil . Eventually she will learn how to create blasts of light which are for the most part just annoying because they only blind someone and/or knock them back (unless they're weakness is light, then it really hurts).


Deep within the Temple of Light a character will find a secret passageway leading to a room made of entirely of white crystal. Inside the center of the room will be what looks to be a coffin made of clear crystal and Wisp will be able to be seen sleeping in that coffin. Only a person with a good heart can open this passageway and the coffin. Once the coffin is opened Wisp will wake up and when she awakens she'll have no memory of anything except for her name. She'll think that whoever woke her up her real mommy or daddy and will completely trust them no matter what (this is somewhat like imprinting). She will always hang around that character and follow them wherever they go. If someone asks who her parents are she'll just point to the character who found her and say they're her mommy/daddy.

This character is © by YUKIDRAGON.