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Wataru (last name unknown)

Last time I've check, wataru means traveller in Japanese.


unknown, physical appearence suggest late teenager???


5'8" Average built



Blood Type:



short, white (no it's not blond, but just white)


Typical blood type A


Has a tendency of clumsiness. (perhaps tendency is a little too modest...)


Fresh off from Boot Camp/Merc. training. Actually, to be more precise, Wataru was kicked off of the Camp due to severe budget cuts from Kingdom funds. In the land of Abore where it has everything a usual Kingdom should have, (knights, castles, wizards, Inns, etc,) all but the lack of evil. Due to lack of need of armies, the `government' of Abore decided to combined the existing training facilities to comercial usage. (Another method to make a quick buck.) The scheme was to cause wide attraction to the greatest training area for any freelance mercenary. Also it was to put Abore from a little dot on the map to a bigger dot on the map. Anyways, this was were Wataru was trained.

He joined due to his interest in Light, a legendary mercenary, who was well known throughtout the world. He would quote anything Light would typically say. As well as act what he think Light would act.

However his training was not completed. Due to the lack of income and attraction the camp was making, it was closed down. No other place to go, Wataru acted as he was destined to do, travel. After a year of travelling, he stumbled (I mean that literally!) apond a strange looking out-house. Feeling the need to relieve himself, he went in. Unfortunately, being a clumsy clut, he tripped and fell right throught the hole. For an unspicable somehow, the lavatory transported him into this world.


His experience in training had taught him alot in combat. He's quite good in sword play, however he lacks the experience in actual combat. Young, impatient and ambitious to be as lengendary as Light, Wataru has alot to learn.

A little note on his combat skills. They are quite normal compared to any soldier/guard/etc,. in the Middle Ages, however Mercenary training have failed to teach Wataru the brillance of tactics and strategy. Perhaps one of his goals when he progress???


Wataru ALWAYS carries his long-sword. It has sentimental value, since it's a parting gift from his instructor at Abore.


Clumsy: Like how Wataru enters in this world by `accident', he is CLUMSY! Eg. Carrying anything that can be broken into many pieces, will be broken.

He will stumble over anything and everything. However there is some good points to it; while in battle against the most powerfulest monster the party has ever seen, Wataru drops his club. However the club lands on the monster's weak point, which is his toe, dies instantly.


Stage fright is the best method to describe him. When confronted with a group of more then 5, making speech would cause a major nervous break down.

NOTE: Team members do not count, nor due people he knows very well. Unless there is more then 15 of them.

This character is © by Larry Lo.