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Teri (Me, the Narrator, Getting sucked into the RPG WOrld)




Tall, terribly skinny. Waist-length brown hair worn in a variety of styles-- but usually either down, in a pony-tail, or in braids. Will probably have some spare clothes with her when she gets sucked into the RPG world, as she will have been visiting a college, and would have her backpack with her. Has jeans, extra-short jean shorts, a black tank top, a leather jacket. Bought a divided riding skirt, a pair of pants, boots, and a short-coat from a vendor in Hicho, Manchu. Greenish - brown eyes.


has a loud and constantly rumbling tummy, constantly hungry. However, can't cook for shit, and is terribly lazy about getting herself food, unless it's restaurant (or vendor, or inn or some other sort of BOUGHT food) food. Thus, all her money quickly goes into buying whatever available, ready-made food she finds. Funny and mischevious, she will have an ultimate purpose to find a way back home, as well as a few TBA sub-quests in keeping with her eccentric nature. ^_~ I'm going to be playing up the shoujou-esque Guy-hunting nature in girls in this VERSION of myself. So don't get any ideas- this is a version of me, not Me. ^_^


Even in "The Real World", Teri has special (and oftentimes annoying, charming, scary) talents in body language. No hentai thoughts, please! What I mean is this: Teri has over 100 various different laughs, each meaning a different unspoken meaning. FOr example, laugh number 23 might be the "I'm laughing because I appreciate your effort at humor even though I don't find what you said funny in the slightest", whereas laugh number 2 might be a genuine knee-slapping laugh. On the same level, there are over 200 different catalogued "Looks", and numerous vocal tonalities. In the RPG world, these will all develop into a very strong Empathy talent. This will, of course, take a long time to develop, but I hope to eventually have "Teri" become a full fledged Empath in the RPG world... what i mean by this is that she'll be able to sense and feel others emotions ( Think Talia from Valdemar, but with less morals) and will be abel to project her own emotions into other people.... however, having learned her Talents by herself and not by some organized institution, she will lack any sort of "Code of Chivalry" that might have come with learning Empathy. Perhaps in the far future will be some sort of Chi-blast.. but i really dont' know at this point. Teri will become quickly enamored by the success of her Charm Techniques (one of the first empathy talents she'll learn)... and will probably have little control over it (ie; charming snakes and birds and various plantlife). Will eventually be able to send mental images, and receive them-- but only in terms of colors, textures, etc--- no words.. this is NOT telepathy, but just a stronger form of Empathy. But that's in the future.


Teri will enter the RPG world by an accidental flux in the computer system at Kutztown U, where she will have FINALLY gotten her butt to in order to visit her co-narrator friends.


Had a dominating father who was very militant.. actually used to be a lieutennant-something or other in the US Marines during Vietnam. Because of that, taught Teri hhow to be Aggressive-- she learned how to be assertive later in life (this was a major problem in elementary school, as she had a tendency to .. well let's say.. get what she wanted, in a less than girlie way. No, I didn't go around beating ppl up. But I was aggressive, if just not violent. Hmm. Also, Dad taught me (teri) how to fight-- not that I'm any good at it, i'm not. But i like to pretend a lot. Which, so far, has worked exceptionally well. It's the attitude that coutns most of the time, right? Dad divorced Mom at an inconvenient time for Teri, tho she wasn't surprised and dealt with it nicely. However, any sort of infidelity is NOT tolerated, and those who commit such crimes are severely punished. SEVERELY. Hmmm. What else can I add. However, she has little problem with sexual or other- relations, so long as they aren't adultrous. She is a major theater buff in all aspects, and so has a love for dramatics (heh heh heh) as well as a passionate and often-fragmental nature. She is long time friends with Spiffy, Paul, and Stana, as well as Jason (mr. Psycho) and Emily (kiranati, who is interested in joining)... emily and jason go to school with teri at Loomis, the administrative hell that is prep school. She is applying/receiving letters from colleges presently, and is uptight and worried about that, as well as on a college-visitng spree. Very great at english, very lazy at typing, and very hateful of math. She relys on a calculator even for simple math, not because she can't DO the math, but because she is so hateful of it, that she can't bear to spend the extra energy THINKING about it for more than the two seconds it takes to punch the calculator buttons. She's very ecclectic, very horny when drunk, or.. well... slightly tispy (she makes a point not to get drunk because she did once and it was a bad experience.. not because of any other reason, just because of too much alcohol's effect on the body). She also took loads of dance and art.

This character is © by Teri.