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Age 21

Height 6'2

Build medium

Hair brown

Eyes blue


Sullam is very secretive about his past, he rarely talks concerning it. He is a somber individual, and appears older and more mature than his age. He is adept at several forms of martial arts but you wouldn't know it until he employs it.

Normally a caring individual, he is nonetheless a very logical one. He is trained at reading body language as well as psychology. Healer of goodly knowledge, he is learning under Raksha. Charming when he so employs it, he is a centered individual that holds the world at bay and is searching for someone he feels he can truly learn from.


At age of five he was chosen to assume the head of a covert society of mystics. Sullam's family is an ancient one-he can trace his ancestry back 1500 years. Without his consent he was trained in psychology (as we know it) the healing arts, mysticism, leadership etc. At age eight he was already dispensing out decisions on who was to marry, who not, who to live and die. He experienced death all around him, as friends perished in his arms. All this to prepare him to take the head of this society within a society. At age thirteen, on the day of his manhood ceremony, Sullam declined that position, declaring it all fraudulent, and left.

He wandered for some time, learning additional martial arts from anywhere he could, healing where he could. Thus he built himself. He had come to view life is a flawlessly unemotional aspect through effort. While normally a caring individual he nonetheless placed logic above emotion. He was accepted into a Healing acadamy, but seeing too many similarities to the mystical clan he had denounced, Sullam quit and left. He eventually was adopted by the old crone and he came to view her as Ima- "mother"

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