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Stacey ann Hierspiel






Wavy, warm chestnut brown, <light brown with red and gold highlights.> Down to lower mid back. Worn loose or in a single pony tail. Tucks it behind ears when nervous.




Irish pale-smattering of freckles across her nose in the summer


carries with her a Bible, and a brown and black patched teddy bear <called Woodstock> that was a gift from her father. A walking ailment that prevents her from strenuous prolonged walks. talks to inanimate objects. Talks and answers to herself. Is afraid of the dark.


to unerringly put her foot in her mouth. Has an intense interest in plants and properties of them that will eventually lead into herbology and plant healing. Knows already many of the healing plants and medicinal herbs in her own reality, as well as how to extract the neccessary ingrediant. Enjoys fishing, and bow hunting <on non living things!> Is fairly decent with a bow and arrow on non moving targets. Likes to juggle.


Second child. Parents divorced at ten, remarried withing a year. Lived with her father and an opressive stepmother until 12. Her father died in a tragic accident and she went to go live with her mother and a kindly stepfather. Was picked on and teased at school for her aloof nature. Took to taking books as friends, rather than ppl. Was saved <became a born again Christian> in 1991 when she was invited to a party. Plunged into her Bible studies-and made leaps in her Christian growth the first year. began to backslide into her fourth year-and by the time she hit college she fell out of rapport with God.

When her father became ill with Cancer she dropped out of college and returned home. Got odd jobs to make income before landing a part time position at a bank. Hopes to return to Technical school and get a degree in PC Repair. Is currently in the recovery stage in her faith.


gardening, juggling, reading, writing, fencing, target shooting <bow and arrow> practicing her guitar and clarinet.


Appears to her friends as a mother figure. Tends to hover protectively. Has been described by said friends as warm, caring and kindly. Her enemies perceiev her differently-but probably not as bad as she sees herself.

Stana perceives her whole personality as a facade-a mask she wears because being good makes her feel good. Has general low self image-and acknowledges it. Normally covers it up with a jibe or joke. Tries to be a good Christian-and fails alot. Romantic at heart-when she can find her heart. Currently believes it is lying in a box buried in New Jersey.

Is fairly smart academically-but makes up for it in a total lack of common sense. Would probably end up on quests not because she wanted something but because she would feel responsible for whoever was going <if they were friends>

Pet Peeves:

ppl who leave the toilet seat up. Purple Dinosaurs named Barney, impetuous ppl.

Relationships known

Paul: Stana knows Paul from College days. They argue alot, mostly over trivialities.

Teri: knows Teri from a former writing group. Has never met her before the accident.

This character is © by Stana.