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Name:A pic of Shinji

Shinji Kintaro


15 yrs.






blue(left) and red(right)


wears light studded leather chest plate that extends into shoulder guards on either side. He wears a white sleeveless shirt and loose dark-blue pants which go slightly over the top of his leather boots. His weapons of choice are two gauntlets on his hands. The gauntlets are composed of plated metal on a leather glove. Wears a long white bandana.


Mostly relies on his fighting skills, but at times he can really use his head. His solitary travelling has given him lots of expierienc when it comes to roughing it, and sometimes feels more at home in the wild than in a house, not to mention that he's developed a cast-iron stomach. His greatest ability is most likely his steel determination, something that has helped him come out on top in more than a few battles. Still, he has a lot to learn.


He was brought to the Monastary of the Silver Fang at a very young age, so young that it's the only life he remembers. The monks have become his second family and have taught him their form of hand-to-hand combat. He left the monastary to go hone his skills in the untamed wild. His fighting skills have grown from countless hours of training, but Shinji is hardly a master, since he left before his training could be completed. Still, he would never turn down a fight, even if he had no possible hope of winning. Prideful but not arrogant (unless you happen to challenge him and lose), he would rather let his fists do the talking. He can be very impatient when it comes to formal training, probably one of the reasons he left the Monastary in the first place. He would jump at any opportunity to increase his skill, so long as it doesn't require him to sit and sift through scrolls all day.


His travels have made him feel a little awkward around other people, although he can be really friendly once he gets to know someone. He wouldn't mind joining up with anyone, although more for the experience than the company. He also has a sarcastic streak, and would open up with a flurry of taunts against both friend and foe alike, something that has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion.

Reason for Questing:

To improve his abilities, or thats what he tells himself. Deep down though, he wants to find his family. He keeps it bottled up though, he's convinced himself that if they wanted him back, they would have come to get him.

This character is © by Ian Chongson.