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Roland of Gilead



Physical Appearance:

He is 5' 11" with jet black hair and cold, piercing blue eyes. Anyone who has read "The Gunslinger" series by Stephen King knows what he looks like. Many aspects of this character are borrowed from that series. He wears faded blue jeans at all times, and he prefers shirts of a soid color... most often red or black.


Roland's entire world is falling apart. In his world, Roland was a "gunslinger," a modern day knight. He carried two heavy six-shooters and patroled his land as a half-sherriff, half-nobleman. As his world slowly disintegrated, though, rebels invaded and destroyed Roland's home while he was off on a mission. When he returned, he found that everything and everyone he knew had been destroyed. In his shame, he abandoned his guns and began mindlessly wandering his world, waiting for death. As he lay dying of thirst in a desert, though, a sudden wind arose and surrounded him. Roland was blinded, and by the time the wind subsided and he could see again, he was in a completely different world (the new RPG world). Without any clue as to where he was or why he had been brought to this world, Roland began to wander around, looking for someone to answer his questions. Without his guns, Roland was forced to rely on his wits and his fists to survive. During his quest for answers, though, he upheld the same principles he had on his own world. He always helped whenever he could, and never turned his back on someone in need. Although cold and hard on the outside, Roland is determined to do good wherever he is. But in a situation where his answers are in immediate reach, Roland might ignore both friend and honor to understand why he was torn from his home. In his own world he sacrificed a good friend of his in order to kill the rebel responsible for destroying his home. Although basically good, in extreme situations, he tends to put his mission above the lives of his companions.


He has blindingly fast reflexes due to his training as a gunslinger, and street fights with the best of them.


Currently he fights hand to hand. He has been trained to stick fight, but would have to find, buy, or make a stick since he didn't have one when he came through the portal. If he manages to find any sort of gun or other projectile weapon, he will use it like a master due to his training as a gunslinger.

Recent history:

I dunno. That'll all depend on how this new RPG thing is getting started.

This character is © by Jason Sobel