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Kade Mortus

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Name: Kade Mortus

Age: 26

Description: 6'0" 180 lbs pale gray eyes sandy brown hair light complexion scar across the right eye wears dark gray clothes, soft sole shoes, thin leather gloves, and a black scarf around his neck and lower face.

Weapons: prefers ninja style (single edge) sword. He is good with a bow and throwing knives. He is not skilled in the use of shields, staffs, spears, and bulky two-handed weapons. Given the element of surprise, Kade can kill just about anyone using various choke holds and pressure points. However, he is very poor in normal hand-to-hand combat. Items such as smoke bombs and poison are useful to Kade, but he currently does not have either in his possession.

Occupation: Assassin

Quirks/Unique Traits: Though he is a trained killer, Kade has an aversion to blood. Kade also contemplates death, both his enemy's and his own. He is very secretive and reserved, even around those he can trust. Kade likes puzzles and riddles. His one true passion beyond his current mission is his quest for the unsolvable riddle. He will often engage in a riddle match with others to determine if he can trust them. When Kade was employed by Jasper Muerte, he was required to leave a calling card after every killing. A small piece of paper with the initials "J M" was left by Jasper's assassins after a successful kill. Back then, Kade did not discriminate between targets. Now, in his search for eternal forgiveness, he only kills those people who Kade feels are beyond salvation, such as murderers, corrupt officials, etc. Kade, in an attempt to mock Jasper, still uses the calling cards, but he has added a few lines to make them read "K M." Kade no longer accepts money to kill. Kade also suffers from a mild case of hypoglycemia.


Strengths: Kade has exceptional night vision when it comes to determining if danger is present. His clothes allow him to blend into most shadows. Kade can consistently diffuse traps and avoid ambush under normal, unhurried conditions. Kade is silent when walking on smooth terrain, such as concrete and woodfloors. There are several techniques Kade hopes to learn. One is the ablility to fight in absolute darkness (no moon or artificial light of any kind). This will allow him to fire a bow over a long range and hit his target without any light. Another technique Kade hopes to acquire is the ability to "disappear." After a series of subtle hand gestures, the enemy is hypnotized into thinking that the assassin has vanished, but the assassin is still there. Kade knows of a few men that know these and other techniques; he just has to find them.

Weaknesses: Kade has below average vision in the daylight. He is poor at climbing and hand-to-hand fighting. He is not yet silent on terrain such as gravel, snow, water(puddles), and the forest floor (twigs). Kade's tendency to contemplate death in the heat of battle often gives his enemy an advantage. Kade's reluctance to trust anyone also sometimes sends him off on his own, without help. Kade's hypoglycemia affects him after prolonged exertion. In a drawn out battle, Kade could become too weak to continue. Kade hopes to find a cure or at least something to offset the extreme fatigue.

Background: Kade Mortus was trained by the Jasper Muerte Company Guild for Assassins. Kade was the best student the guild had ever seen. His pride in his skill controlled him, and he eventually became desensitized to all of the killing.

Two rival lords were seeking the rights to some land. Both wanted the other dead, but neither felt they had the resources for an all out war. Jasper Muerte stepped in and seized the opportunity to make money from both sides. Both lords unwittingly hired the same assassins to kill each other (it was very easy for Muerte's men to "just miss" and charge for another attempt). The double-cross continued for several years, and Kade become a prime weapon for both lords.

It was when Kade refused to kill the grandchildren of one lord that Muerte's plot was uncovered and Kade was forced to flee. Both lords turned on Muerte, who was also forced to flee. Kade is relentlessy pursued by the Jasper Muerte Company. He has joined the adventurers for two reasons: protection from Muerte and perhaps help fighting him, and he wishes to make everything right again. Kade hopes to eventually bring peace between the rival lords, and in doing so, cleanse his soul. Kade carries around a lot of guilt for all of the people he has killed, and only with a clean soul can he die happy.

This character is © by Joe LaPalme.