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Iya Yume (That's i-ya, not e-ya)




Dark green, usually tied up in a loose ponytail. Puffy bangs and lockes of hair fall over her ears.

Eye Colour:

Golden. Pupils are slitted, can extract and dilate like a cat's can.


Appears to be 15, but is actually 45.




Iya's grandmother was human, she was raped by the Black Dragon, Coronus. Afterward she became pregnant with his son. When the child was born she died. The dragon, human half-ling, grew very quickly and soon followed after his father in nature. He fell in love with a Green Elf of the Highlands. She was also raped and because of it later on gave birth to Iya. The Elf survived the birth and abandoned Iya.


Iya has soft green coloured skin, given to her through her mother's blood. She has ivory pale horns extending out of her forehead. Dark green, dragon's wings, and a dragon's tail. Her finger nails are long and very hard. She can use them to cut things with. This is also true with her toe nails. Has fanned ears. Her teeth are sharp and pointed, mainly the canines. She looks like she has fangs.


Plain brown shirt with slightly puffed sleeves with gold coloured collar and cuffs, the back had to be cut out. Pale yellow leggings. Short brown shorts. A pair of black gloves that have the fingers cut off of them.

She can't wear normal shoes so she wears one's that have the toe and heel cut off them. Most of the time all of this is hidden under a cloak because of her appearance.


A long sword with a serrated edge halfway along one side. Carries it on her back in a scabroad.


Although she is almost half Elf and has Black Dragon blood within her, Iya seems to restrict herself in the fields of magic. Refusing to do more than a light spell or a short distance retrieve spell on small objects. She even tries to stay away from it, as best she can. By bloodline and chance only, she has the constant power in order to avert telekinesis and mind altering spells cast on her or around her.

Iya does not know the ways of sword fighting. She carries the sword only for protection and envoking fear on those who dare enter _her_ forest. She has only once raised it in battle and failed miserably when she tried to put it to good use.

Since she has wings she can also fly, usually only for short distances. Has a slightly hightened sense of smell.

Quirks and Traits:

Iya is long lived. She ages at only a third of that of a human. She will eventually grow old and die. That is if some one does kill her first. And she can be killed in just about any normal way. She refuses to even use healing spells upon herself.

Often refers to things as being 'Disgusting' most of the time.


No, Iya is certainly not invulnerable. Off all things she posses a human heart. This heart becomes weak and tired quickly. She can only fly short distances and cannot put in too much fighting time. Of course Iya would never run from a battle because she was feeling a little fatigued, so she will fight to the bitter end. Even if it means death by exhaustion rather than the blade.

So basically she prefers nothing more than to sleep most of her time.


Iya doesn't know you, but chances are she hates you. Although still considered young, Iya hates everyone. Mainly humans and especially anything male. Mind you she has no quarrels with fighting with one and beating them to a bloody pulp. She is ashamed of the fact that she has human blood in her and posses a human heart.

Iya has a cold exterior. She'd rather cut you up than talk to you, but she will, for Iya gets very lonely. She's been living alone for a long time so she doesn't know how to respond to others well.

She does have a warm and caring heart, and likes to laugh and smile, but these attributes are hidden deep inside.


After she was abandoned, Iya was found by a kindly old Red Dragon who took her in and cared for her. It was the Dragon, named Yargadis, who gave Iya her full name. Being taken in by a Dragon gave Iya a confused look on whether she should hate Dragons or like them.

Iya lived as a happy, carefree child for the first eight-teen years of her life, (She would have been the equivalent of six human years.). Yargadis was a wise Dragon, she taught Iya how to speak the more common tongues, as well as a few of the more complicated ones, including some animal speech. Also to read and write, and how to fly.

Unfortunately Yargadis was followed home one day after flying over a village of overcautious and stupidly terrified humans. They found Yargadis and killed her, while Iya hid and watched. After Yargadis was killed, Iya ran out to see her guardian. Iya did not understand at first when Yargadis would not move. She stayed with the corpse the rest of the day and through most of the night.

During the night the villagers came back, this time carrying torches and oils. They wanted to burn the body. They saw Iya sleeping and thought that she was a demon. They woke her up rudely and began to beat her. Again not understanding what was happening, Iya could only scream as she felt the sting and pain of the men's boots and sticks lash upon her.

She then screamed and let loose her first breath of flame. It was so immense that it killed the people attacking her. Some instantly, others slowly. Horrified and only now receiving some understanding of what was going on, Iya flew away. She flew until her heart almost gave out. She landed in a small forest, where she stayed for the rest of her years, up to now.

Stealing what she needed from lost travelers and roaming bandits. In those years, she trained herself to become a strong sword fighter, and built the walls around her heart so that nothing could get close to her again and then get killed. She grew a huge hatred for the humans who killed her only friend, and soon began to hate all humans in general.

She also hated her lineage. It was due to that, that made her a demon child, unable to be near any other beings.

Reasons for Questing:

1) Her hatred of herself has gone out towards her father and grandfather and has her wanting revenge upon them.

2) She want's to find any one who has a mixed bloodline and is not really a part of any race, like her.

3) She's been living in a forest for most of her life with nothing but trees and squirrels for company. (She'll tell you that squirrels are quite tasty.)

She had to get out and see the world sometime, and as long as it's with others, regardless if they're humans, she'll do it. It's also the best way in order for her to accomplish her first two reasons for questing.

This character is © by Amanda.