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19 years


He is a human, dark green eyes, a bit darker than the usual shade of green people have. He is approximately seven feet tall. Maybe around 6"11" or 6"10". He is medium built but not that small and he is stronger that he looks like. He has dark-brown hair that reaches to half of his cheek and he has fair skin.

For starters, he has two long-handled battle-axes. Later, he'll obtain two throwing knives (as in much, MUCH later). All of his weapons will change to better and better ones through time.


He wears a light brown shirt with short tattered sleeves. Over the shirt, he wears a green vest and he wears long brown pants. A rope serves as a belt around his waist. Hanging on his belt is a small sack or pouch that holds his money. As for footgear, he has a piece of cloth wrapped around his feet with thick string that wraps the cloth around. He also wears cloth wrapped on his palms for gloves.


What magic?


He uses his size for his advantage, from intimidation to momentum for speed. He has general knowledge of what happens after he does a certain action thus enabling him to make his next move right on the spot. He also knows almost everything about the forest and survival is not a problem.


Faster, stronger, smarter, and enemies with more knowledge of magic will, of course, be able to beat him. He uses whatever object available to counter magic.


When he is being spoken to or when somebody suddenly comes up with a conversation, he'll just drift of a bit. It's not that he has a short attention span but he just has a lot of things in his mind, always. This doesn't happen only when he is in combat. And also, he's a bad shot but he does tend to get lucky sometimes.


Mostly quiet because alone most of the time, sensitive, is serious when against enemies. He thinks a lot while on the road or when at rest. His weapons tend to intimidate some people. He means well but the people somehow get the wrong picture.

Past or rather, the stuff he doesn't know:

He is the son of a magi and a sorceress but he does not remember anything about his childhood or his parents. He obtained the double axes from the forest, doesn't remember how either. He has lived in the forest for as long as he can remember. He doesn't know it, but something magical seems to help him whenever he's in trouble like something would make him turn around so that he'll miss a hit or something hinting him to turn left or right or when somebody is cheating, he'll know.


He doesn't remember anything about his pasts as if he was brainwashed. He found this empty feeling in him that he or anybody cannot explain. All that he does is to find various tasks and missions for money and he stays in the forest. Suddenly, something enters his thoughts mysteriously and he also starts hearing voices. Small whispers actually. It talks about his parents and his past usually with clue words.

This character is © by Allen.