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Emily, but sometimes uses Estela and intends to in the fantasy world...that's pronounced Es-TAY-la, and anyone who mispronounces it will be...*ahem*....corrected ^_^


17 and 1/2


about 5'4"


dark brown, wears glasses with thin tortiseshell rims, or occassionally contacts, weak perscription though


dark brown, to the middle of her back, between wavy and curly, usually in a ponytail or held up with hairsticks in a bun

Physical description:

pale skin, good figure...walks with her back straight and head up in the hopes of looking taller than she is.


nothing uncomfortable, nothing that doesn't look good. Usually jeans or khakis and some sort of at least fitted, if not tight, shirt, though occasionally she wears looser ones. much-worn black combat boots or Birks, class ring right hand, some other ring left hand, two holes left ear, one hole right ear. Wears black, white, bright colors, and any shade of blue, but never yellow or peach. the fantasy world, if it becomes necessary to wear a skirt, she'd wear long ones, either split for riding (and to avoid tripping) or with pants underneath for the same reason.


speaks near-fluent Spanish and a tiny bit of Japanese. Plays French horn and can at least play a little on most brass instruments, plays a little guitar as well. Knows enough martial arts to defend herself and at least used to know how to horseback ride up to a canter. Smart and a fast learner, but not much good at any sports but water sports.

Other stuff:

Has a rather sarcastic sense of humor and a finely honed sense of the absurd ^_^. Sometimes writes poetry, likes music and reading (especcially fantasy, though whether that will help her or get in her way in our world I'm not quite sure), and anime. Has a younger brother and a puppy in the normal world. Plans to become an engineer assuming she makes it back to the normal world to go to college. RPs online a lot, tends to be kind of introspective.

Can't stand idiots. thnks of the fantasy world as a cross between a magic girl" anime and the online RP system...if saving the world is the only way home, she'll save the world and that's that!


telekinesis, and a sort of Locate ability (she'll need it for teleportation eventually)...that is, she'll be able to locate an object or person even if she can't physically see them, but it won't be true farsight...she won't so much see it as sense the shape and location. Still, once she gets good she'll be able to find people with it. The TK itself will start as very limited and poorly controlled...eventually she'll be able to handle big stuff, small stuff (there's some interesting tricks available when you start messing with, say, molecules of air or water...^_^), and to teleport objects...don't know yet if she'll ever be able to 'port animate objects or herself. She won't ever have telepathy, though if someone 'paths her she'll be able to hear it and respond along their link to her...but no projective telepathy or mindreading....and she'll know if some sort of psi is being used on her though at first she may not know exactly what. She will almost assuredly have some sort of moral issue with using her abilities to attack anyone, even though there's lots of TK attacks she'd be able to do...mostly, she's seen Star Wars a few too many times ^_~.


Teri, quite well, but initially none of the others.

This character is © by Estela.