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Name: Drake

Age: Unknown. He looks between 40 - 50.

Hair: Black hair graying at the temples.

Eyes: Blue.

Description: Drake's most recognizable characteristic is that he's big. I mean, BIG. Besides the fact that he stands dearly 7 ft. tall, he's also rather... um... portly. It's not all flab, however - There's a reason why he's never had to hire a bouncer.

Abilities: Is an excellent judge of character. Combine this with his typical friendliness and optimism and most "good guys" will befriend him right away.

General Personality:

See above.

Quirks: Despite his size, Drake can be gentle and graceful at times. He even dislikes violence, and will usually try to avoid it. He's not a pacifist, tho' - it just means he gets REALLY angry when he has to resort to violence.

Flaws: Can't get lost in a crowd very well.

Motivating Circumstances:

Prefers a peaceful existence and will try to stay in one location as long as possible. Will mainly travel only when forced to or when a friend is in trouble.

Past History:

Was Innkeeper of the Green Dragon Inn in Kaika, (Where Finn and many other characters started out.) and miraculously survived, along with his patrons, when the 6th army burnt the town to the ground. After liberating some horses with some of the other survivors, he made his way to a town further south and immediately began gathering supplies to establish another inn at an as of yet unknown location.

While in this town he met up with Finn and Iya Yume, and shared his lodgings with them until everyone left in their own directions.

This character is © by Spiffy.