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Chuin (family name unknown)




5'10" average build




Blue-black. Waist-lenght, pulled up into a ponytail with a lock of hair on either side of his face. He also have bangs.


Blue knee-length robe, belted. Gray breeches. Black boots. Wrists and forearms are wrapped. Carries a sword.


He's self taught in swordsmanship, so rough and unpolished in skills -- Might I add, VERY unpolished. He doesn't really have a technique and has rarely had the chance to fight with an actual opponant. *chuckles* His abilities aren't even that good. ^_^ The only practice he's had is against snowmen. And for his energy balls, the use of that power drains him. If he uses it too much (three or four times within a short period of time), he passes out. Even to use it once, wears him out and he has to rest.

Chiun is equally amateur at both swordsmanship and energy-throwing, and has an internal conflict in him as to which he wants to pursue-- this internal conflict affects the rate at which he perfects his talents, because one can only focus on ONE talent in order to perfect it...and THEN learn another-- if his energy and concentration is divided, then neither skill can grow. He tries to do both and it just doesn't work!

Physical traits:

Has a scar that runs along his right cheek. e got the scar on his cheek from the first time he actually faught with someone. The person cut his cheek kinda as a lesson, as if to say, don't be so cocky.

Baratone voice.


No known family or home. Wanderer. Tends to be quiet around girls, but mostly because he doesn't know how to act around them. Not much experience with women. Has some of the brashness and uncertainty of youth. He's from the mountain country of of Toru. He's from a valley within the mountain range. Even though he is a wanderer, he's never left the country (a lot of people wander the US for years and never go out of the country, ne?).

He was disowned by his family because of his power. They saw his power as being demonic (you know how superstitious villiagers can get. ^_^). He remembers his last name but never says it, since he know his family conciders him dead. Plus he doesn't like to think about it. He took up the sword as a way of defending himself, and as a means of making his way in the world. I have no plans now of him meeting his family again. He is alone.

He's always available for interaction. He's a wanderer but not a loner. He just happens to be alone, because he hasn't found anyone to journey with. He's amiable if a bit wary when first meeting people. You never know who might be a bandit or whatever. I don't think he's on a quest, except a quest of learning to improve his abilities. He's a bit reserved when he first meets someone (kinda apprehensive about them learning about his powers), but he warms up to them and get along well enough.

This character is © by Cindy.