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Azrel 'Al Bane




He has short black hair, Icey blue eyes, He is 5'5 and carries a wooden staff w/ three rings connected at the top. 1/2" marble balls connected as a necklace. Silk sea blue robe, w/ scroll's Embroiled down the sleeves.


He has the ability to bend light and make himself invisible. (later the power will develop to where he can bend it for others and then move while he bends it.) Right now he can only bind it while he is still.

And a small ability to control thoughts by looking into eyes but only on simple minds like animals(later it will grow to complex minds such as humans.)

General Personality:

Azrel is very manipulative. He will try to control plp. if it is necasary or not. He is straight to the point and if it needs to be said he will say it if not, he will say it any way.


Most plp. are bedazzled by his eyes. Azrel's eyes are icy blue and when he looks at someone it fells like he can read there thoughts.


Azrel tends to be a little to direct and sometimes that gets him into trouble. Azrel also has a small frame for a body, so he is weak when it come to physical work.

Motivating cir.:

He searches the globe to find a hidden artifact known as the golden horn of command. It will command enough plp. up to the size of an army to do your bidding. And look's to find a suitable person to protect him.


Azrel's past is layced with death and deception. When he was young his dad was a soldier and resented the fact that his son was not up to welding a sword. So Azrel left his dad and took company with the local thieves guild and learned manipulitation and how to cheat, lie , and steal. When he found out about the horn he set off to find it. But the main problem was that he needs a protector of some type to cover the physical side of life and not get beat up all the time. He now lives in the city of Tashisei.

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