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Name: Audion VanAlstyne

Age: 17

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Eyes: 1 grey/1blue

Hair: grey/blue/white streaked


Audion is gifted with the magick art of Elementalism. The powers themselves must be channeled through specific rings that adorn his fingers; different powers use different rings. In his current stage of development, Audion is able to cast elementary Fire spells. His Fire using capabilities are limited to lighting up places and producing a fan of flames from his fingertips that extends outward about 4 ft. He can use said abilities twice a day.

Future powers that he hopes to attain are increased mastery over Fire, and to gain and master the elemental magicks of Air, Water, Earth, Celestial, and Spirit. In mastery of these magicks he could possibly call a hurricane the likes of the biblical Noah storm, or focus the light of the moon and stars into an impenitrable shell to protect a castle.


Audion can only cast his spells if he has a "Channeling Ring" that is attuned to the corresponding element. He does not start with accesss to all his powers either....

Everyone to him bears a soulmarker which indicates what magick, if they had the capability, they could use. For instance, a woman's soul sports a depiction of an oriental phoenix, which denotes access to Celestial, Fire, and Air powers. In contrast, another person's aura has the symbol of a carp, indicating a connection to Water.....

All markers are located on the forehead of a person, and are only an imprint on the aura. In order to get access to each of his spells, Audion must find a person with capabilities that match what he desires and drain their aura. This will effectively place the target into a coma, the duration of which is determined by age. If the target is less then 13 years, they die. If the target is 13 to 17 years, they are placed in coma for a few months. If the target is older then 17, then the coma lasts only a few weeks.

In using his abilities, Audion drains his own aura. the result is a fatigue that is proportional to the amount of abilities he's used, and the difficulty level of those abilities (inrelation to his experience level).

At current level, Audion has only two spell uses, after these two are spent he can manage to dodge or run for a short period of time before passing out.

Additional disabilities include a mild fear of crowds, an inability to fight (he can use a dagger with only a defense porificiency), and a severe allergy to brass, bronze, or iron metals.

Physical Traits

Audion has a lithe, moderately defined body. His hair reaches mid-back, and is sometimes restrained in a ponytail. He often wears high-necked shirts in order to hide a large area of scarred tissue that was caused by the temple fire. He has high, angular features with a self-assured expression....if he isn't angry.


Audion's father was an influencial commander under an aspiring Duke of chaotic tendencies. His father, in a struggle for power, killed the Duke and assumed his position. He gave Audion's older brother, Galenus, his former command and sent the brothers to conquer a neighboring holy city for their glory, as well as to win the favor of the demogogue king under whom they were positioned. Galenus' plan was to develop Audion's inner abilities (they knew of his inner magicks, just had no idea how to utilize them) by sending him to the very temple they would destroy.

There he would learn, and after gaining the trust of the temple inhabitants, Audion would open the gates to his brother's army. All the while he would destroy the city from the inside. The plan worked as Galenus had told Audion with a few acceptions. Audion had become the favorite student of the head monk and had gained some true friends. His morals and aims in life were beginning to change for the better, and so he planned to save them by secretly sending them away on some false business a few days before the carnage started. However, Galenus began siege on the temple before it had been planned. He sought Audion out, betrayed him, and shackled him down with the monks, warriors, and students of the temple. He took all of Audion's first rings and set the place ablaze. Audion managed to use his magicks without his rings and succeeded in saving only himself and the head monk. The effort drained all the elemental abilities from his aura except fire. He suffered extensive burns as well, which left a large, permanent scar that marked his left shoulder and the left side of his neck.

When he arrived outside of the temple, he collpased in the grass, and lay there with his master until daylight. Then, at dawn, the old monk denounced him as a traitor and a demon. He declared that if he had known Audion's true and vile spirit, he would have banished him to the darkest realm of the abyss. With that the old man died, leaving Audion with a dead body, a dead self, and an undying hatred for his once-brother, Galenus. He re-entered the burned remains of the temple once the army left and searched the wreckage. He eventually procured a set of rings from those who had once trusted him.

He set out to learn how to regain his powers and to take vengence on Galenus for the betrayl. Beyond that, the future didn't form a clear path. Beyond that, to Audion, nothing mattered.

This character is © by Audion.