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Name: Alan, Wanderer

Age: 16

Race: elf/vampire


About 6'4", 170 lbs., purple eyes, silver hair, about shoulder length, wears white robes that conceal just about everything, and seems to be able to hide just about anything in them


Very good with a sword and a crossbow (but not at the same time), is extremely agile, can control the weather (just a little). In the future, will be able to call a shield (kind of like the Lighthawk Wings), teleport, and possibly throw bolts of energy.

General Personality:

Sees self as a protector, will protect whoever he's with almost unquestionably, doesn't like to talk about himself, his past, or his "mission". acts like he's hunting someone.


As mentioned before, protects people, he actually sees it as his duty. tends to talk to himself (or so it appears;) )


Use of any of his abilities is a great drain of energy, finds sunlight very uncomfortable (luckily his robes have a hood), sometimes gets a little hungry, for blood...

Motivating Circumstances:

Makes vague references to someone called "yakunin", appears to be looking for him (that's Japanese, by the way), also wants to get home.

Past History:

Was part of the Monks of Cameron in a world far from this one, when a mysterious mercenary, calling himself Zodiac, appeared and destroyed the monks' haven. Alan, as the sole survivor, challenged Zodiac, and lost. he was banished from his home, and appeared on the RPG world. He took to wandering, hoping he could find Zodiac and destroy him. It's during this wandering that he encounters the party.

This character is © by Jonathon.